September 03, 2014

Welcome to our site!

     After much research, we've come to the conclusion that we have something to contribute to the connoisseurs of smoke and vape.  We're not here just because Electronic Cigarettes are one of the latest and greatest things on the market, and they are gaining popularity rapidly among all age levels across the country.  We're here mainly because we've done our homework, we've personally tested and use these products, and we believe Electronic Cigarettes are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes.  We're available to educate, as well as provide a great quality product.  We offer only the best products on the market, and none of the cheap, disposable units that you often see in the gas stations and drug-stores.  Those are the types of products that, in my opinion, turn many folks away from Electronic Cigarettes, and after trying and failing to see the benefits these devices can offer, people give up on electronic cigarettes altogether.  A good, quality device, with good quality E-Liquid makes all the difference in the world. 

     We have all the top name brands like Kangertech, Vision, Aspire and Smok.  And, we have the absolute best distributors in the industry, and can meet, or beat, the prices of any shop out there.  Currently, we sell online, as well as from our local Flea Market, where we have a permanent storefront, in Monroe, NC (Sweet Union Flea Market - ).  Give us a chance to help you understand electronic cigarettes, and we'll show you what great customer service is all about.  We appreciate each and every customer, and do our best to bring you what you need, at affordable prices.

     Unlike many of our Vape shop competitors, we go a step beyond and offer many other types of smoking products, for tobacco use, like pipes, screens, water-pipes and even dry leaf vaporizers.  We've noticed there are also a lot of "Smoke Shops" out there who offer these tobacco-use products, as well as a few Electronic Cigarette devices, but they fail to have the knowledge or quality products in both realms.  This is where we differ.  You won't find a more knowledgable staff when it comes to both Smoking and Vaping products.  Hope to hear from you soon!